It Takes a Survivor

Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Bethesda for Debt Relief or Loan Modification in Maryland or Virginia?

Are bill collectors harassing you? Do you fear losing your home to foreclosure? Are you drowning in debt?

When your finances keep you up at night, you need debt relief. The stress and anxiety brought on by financial unease can be resolved. You just need to ask a professional bankruptcy attorney what to do. If your money problems spiraled out of control, then call my office. I can help you regain stability in your life.

Want a Fresh Financial Start? Experienced Bethesda Bankruptcy Attorney Will Find the Best Debt Solution for You

I am a bankruptcy attorney and a former bankruptcy trustee with more than 25 years’ experience. I represent clients in debt settlement, credit counseling, bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings. Thus, I can help you break free from the financial constraints that are holding you down. My clients struggle with issues like:

  • Credit card debt
  • Catastrophic medical debt
  • Mortgage default
  • Foreclosure actions
  • Wage garnishments
  • Tax debt and IRS notice

By filing bankruptcy, you may be able to discharge debts, including credit card debt and medical bills, that can help free up your income to better take charge of your finances.

How Are We Different From Other Maryland Debt Settlement Firms?

I understand the financial burdens that credit card debt and home loans can place on you. This is especially true if you are already dealing with a personal crisis. I am a cancer survivor, and I know how hard it is to balance medical bills and basic costs of living in such a trying time. Balancing these expenses is far from easy. However, I know the best options for those going through experiences similar to my own.

You should not have to worry about losing your home to foreclosure or stressing because of overwhelming debt from credit cards and medical bills. You can do something about your financial situation today. Call me.

How Can a Bankruptcy Attorney at Alliance Legal LLC Help Me?

While I have saved clients thousands of dollars by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, bankruptcy is not the only debt relief option I offer my clients. I will explore all the options you may have to reduce debt and save your assets. This may include debt settlement, mortgage mediation and loan modification.

Alliance Legal LLC serves clients throughout Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and Howard County, Maryland. Additionally, we represent clients in Virginia needing to modify or refinance loans at our Fairfax law office.

Call me today at (240) 688-9000 or fill out our online form for a free debt relief assessment. I want to give your finances a fresh start. Sleep easier knowing that I am doing everything I can to fight for you, eliminate your debt and reduce your bills.